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The Ridge Road Baptist Church Library Committee has worked hard in cleaning out, updating, and making our church library

a valuable resource for our church community. If you have questions regarding the library,

please contact Bonnie Kemp or Amy Kemp and they will be glad to assist you.

What's New in the Library?
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Sacred Places
What the Bible is all About
The Young Explorer's Bible
The Message: New Testament
The Message: Wisdom Books
The Message: Books of Moses
Children's Bible
Amazing Grace
Facing the Giants
The 5th Quarter
The Velveteen Rabbit
Secrets of the Vine (Bible Study)
The Dream Giver (Bible Study)
RRBC Historical Videos
Groundbreaking Celebration 1961
Children's Choir 1994
Vacation Bible School 1995
Children's Choir 2002
Passport 2003

Featured Book in the Library


Called for Life

by Kent & Amber Brantly

Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly moved with their children to war-torn Liberia in the fall of 2013 to provide medical care for people in great needóto help replace hopelessness with hope. When, less than a year later, Kent contracted the deadly Ebola virus, hope became what he and Amber needed too.†Called for Life†tells the riveting inside story of Kent and Amberís call to serve their neighbors, as well as Kentís fight for life with Ebola and Amberís struggle to support him. Most significantly,†Called for Life†reminds us of the risk, the honor, and the joy to be known when God and others are served without reservation.

How to Check Out a Book or DVD

1. Fill out the white card located at the back of the book/DVD

2. Place it in the wooden box on the library desk.

Books may be kept for 4 weeks.

DVDs may be kept for 1 week.