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Our Identity 



Ridge Road occupies a unique place in the Baptist family of churches.

We were originally a part of the Southern Baptist Convention,

however our congregation left that body in 2001 and now supports

the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on both the national and state levels.


Ridge Road would be considered a “moderate”

Baptist church by most standards.

Among other things this means:


• We participate and fellowship in the larger Christian community of Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, etc.


• We support women in all leadership and ministry positions in the Church.


• We are somewhat more liturgical in Sunday morning worship.


• Our Biblical interpretation takes the scriptures seriously but not necessarily literally.


• Our church polity respects and honors the call of our ministers while allowing congregational participation and input in the direction of the church.


• We believe baptism by means other than full immersion is authentic and all baptized believers are welcome in the celebration of Communion.


We believe strongly in our Baptist heritage and

fully embrace historic Baptist principles including:

Authority of Scriptures: The Christian Bible was inspired by God and is the foundation for what we believe and how we live.


Separation of Church and State: Government should not favor one interpretation of faith over another.


Religious Liberty: People have the freedom to accept or reject our evangelization. Rejection doesn’t result in coercion or punishment but respect for an individual’s freedom before God.


Priesthood of Believers: Every Christian is called to the work of Christ in the world and to serve as priests (ministers) to one another.


This is just a brief summary of who we are and what we believe.

We welcome any questions about how we can better introduce ourselves to you.


 We look forward to walking with you in your spiritual journey!